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Which cartridge for skeet ?

Discuss about trap & skeet shooting.

Which cartridge for skeet ?

PostAuthor: shahid » Wed Mar 28, 2018 4:57 pm

WHAT CARTRIDGE FOR SKEET ? A shooter's insight

There has been much discussion on the make and quality of numerous skeet ammo available in the market today or rather available to the renowned shot to import.

Everybody has strong personal opinions. Oh it really doesn't matter. Skeet is shot at 25 M you know. Anything will do. Is it really so ? Apply basic trignometry and you will be surprised that those low swooping high house birds in stn .4 you take two meters before the pole are at 41 M!

Lets do a little analysis to see what its all about.

The Cheap Cartridge

Makes Victory COMPAK or Olympia Skeet 24

Lead shots - imported from China. Soft lead with no hardening of Antimony. No polishing.
Such shots are liable to deform at even the said 25 M with a good 18 to 20 % shots going out of the 30 inch circle. Being softer such shot pellets may fail to cleanly break a harder clay target like Eurotarget Sporting clays birds or the Bio Degradable targets coming in now.

Shot-cup and power piston are also basic in design made from blow molding plastic pellets with little quality control. Pellets may actually leave the shot-cup within the barrel fouling your barrel and deforming on the sides. The high temperatures generated by exiting gases heat the cheaper grade plastic to a high temperature where it leaves traces of residue and fouling in the tube and the chokes.

The powder used in these cartridges is 1.3 g of wood shaving based cellulose with a higher sulphur content that leaves a considerable amount of carbon residue in the barrels.

The flumate compound uses in the primers of these cartridges provides adequate ignition but has a tendency to foul the barrels with carbon deposits.

Average Mv generated 1250 to 1275 fps

Current prevailing price for 15,000 cartridges - Euro 3590 to 3660
Price per cartridge with Rs. 20,000 as clearing charges and Euro Exchange rate @ 82.50 Rs. 21.07

The Premium Cartridge for Skeet -
Clever Mirage T4 Pro Extra T3 Grand Italia RC4 Championship Excellence or B & P F2 Flash & F2 4 Skeet

A premium cartridge delivers for the extra pounds ( lee Euros ) spent.

Hardened lead shots amalgated with 6 % antimony are good to break any clay target that comes in their path. 98 % of the shots i.e. 491 pellets out of the 502 odd in your 24 g load are within that 30 inch circle at 25 M because these shots are highly polished to be perfect spheres in shape that travel through the air in a straight line. There is very little effect of abrasion from the barrel.

The shot cup is so created to open in a six section pattern made of optimum grade injection moulded transluscent plastic polymer.
Each cut is positioned at a perfect 60 Deg. angle or pi/3 radians.
The shot cup is so created that it travels through the barrel at the same speed as the shot column preventing any top column shots from abrasing against the barrels.

The bottom part of this integrated power piston and shot cup is designed with air cushions in a vertical and horizontal overlaying stack that reacts to the dynamic vector forces generated by the quick burning gasses actually absorbing and reducing the recoil felt by the shooter.

The Gordon system designed and patented by B & P of Italy and also used by Gamebore of UK in their Black Gold brand of Target loads and by RWS in the Rottweil Game loads is one such innovation.

The Clever Mirage Power piston and Shot cup combine is also similarly constructed with a very good dampening design. Without any rough edges. Without pinions sticking from dye cuts.

Contrary to popular brief this alone is the recoil reduction parameter and not that little piece of circular plastic at the base of a skeet cartridge. It is merely there as a marketing tool to make the hull look pretty and to reassure that this particular line is made wirh a shock and recoil reducing Gordon system component in there.

The powders used in these premium grades are alchemy from decades of research and development.

1.3 grams of modified poly-laminated nitrocellulose composed from a variety of bases to reach that perfect clean burning and perfect combination.

The Muzzle Velocity generated is Mv of 1325 to 1350 fps a clear advantage.

any years of research has gone into the creation of that matched perfect priming compound too that ignites uniformly at the strike of the firing pin.

In a close competition where every bird matters, where mis-hits can become hits and hits remain hits, where the clays cruble to powder on impact is a very very good advantage to a shooter.

At the current prevailing price of Euro 4455 to 4590 for Clever Mirage T4 and B & P F2 and RC4 hovering at Euro 4800 the landed price of such a cartridge with a huge advantage is Rs. 25.83.

Great performance and a clean barrel for Rs. 4 a pop or Rs. 60,000 per season ? The choice is clear. The decision - yours. :party-smiley:
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Re: Which cartridge for skeet ?

PostAuthor: nm » Sun Apr 01, 2018 8:05 am

Excellent write up... I'm sure very useful for us shotgun shooters...

Shahid Bhai keep delivering your gems....

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